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Passionate About Helping Others

I have always had a passion for helping people. As the daughter of a physician and a pastor, I suppose I came by it naturally. I followed my mother into the medical field, becoming a physician assistant, but always remained aware of the importance of nurturing the spirit as well as the body. I strove to connect with my patients and be an understanding and supportive presence as they navigated life challenges.

Acquainted with Life's Challenges

Meanwhile, I was navigating challenges of my own. As the years passed, my list of responsibilities and obligations grew. I went from a single young woman living in a one bedroom apartment to a married mom of two with a house, a garden, and too many cats, not to mention a full time job. I loved life but frequently felt overwhelmed. I struggled to balance various obligations while striving to be the loving, connected parent I deeply believe all children deserve. I also battled bouts of depression. When these episodes occurred, my already overwhelming to-do list would become a seemingly insurmountable challenge, and I would be left feeling defeated and inadequate. In time, I would rise to my feet, dust myself off, and dive back into the fray.

Knowledgeable about Helpful Resources

Over the years, I discovered resources that helped me get my house under better control, manage time and money more wisely, and become the mother I wanted to be. I was able to start achieving goals that had once seemed unattainable. This was so exciting that I couldn’t help but share what I was learning with those around me. We talked about things they hoped to achieve and ideas for making them happen. I enjoyed helping people find ways to get closer to the life they truly wanted.

Certified as a Life Coach

In early 2023, I realized that I could help more people by becoming a life coach. I completed life coach training, developed coaching materials and strategies, and launched my coaching business. I continue to engage in training and am learning so much. I still work as a physician assistant and look forward to incorporating coaching methods into patients’ appointments. I hope you will consider coaching to unlock your potential and move you closer to the life of your dreams! Contact me to get started today!


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